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We transform the lives of individuals, families and communities sufferingfrom the grip of addiction

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Casa Morphos provides clients with one-on-one, clinical and holistic treatment with an unusually high ratio of staff to clients, resulting in exceptionally high degree personal attention from our staff members. We embrace all modalities of evidence based recovery for alcohol, drug and co-occurring disorder treatment. We utilize an integrative and wide-ranging program that promotes healing to the body, mind and spirit, resulting in optimal and sustained recovery results. Our holistic approach aims to find hope and encouragement through “holistic” transformation, education, physical development, self- empowerment and other living skills necessary to achieve a well- balanced life.
At Casa Morphos, our goal is not to prove that we are the perfect program; instead, we are committed to providing the type and level of care that suits the personal needs of each of our clients.
 The power of treatment at Casa Morphos is the result of a combination of several beneficial elements, including our serene location; Morphos’ legacy of leadership, passion, and service; our home-style atmosphere; and our dedication to providing comprehensive personalized care that meets the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of each of our clients.

Casa Morphos makes a serious commitment to recovery. Our world-class addiction treatment and holistic approach lets our clients feel safe, confident and secure when they choose Casa Morphos.

Our Promise



Casa Morphos is dedicated to helping others find freedom from the grip of addiction. We want to maintain and keep our promise with passion and continue helping people that are seek recovery from addictive behaviors and habits. We have helped thousands before with our staffs combined expertise and experiences.



Casa Morphos creates a, “Live as a family, heal as a family” approach to healing. As a facility, we understand what the whole family is going through, when one member seeks recovery, and we tailor our program to meet the needs of the family during the treatment process. Family plays a significant role in one’s recovery, that is why we emphasize and offer family counseling sessions between you and your loved one.



There is nothing clinical or sterile about Casa Morphos. As part of our family-based philosophy, we believe in creating a comforting atmosphere with home-cooked food, friendly staff, and beautiful grounds to help you heal physically as well as mentally. Our schedule and rules provide a good balance of independence and structure, and we allow cell phones and personal laptops within a designated time. We want our clients to feel at ease and experience the comforts of home that will better allow them to fulfill their desires to recover.



Casa Morphos is dedicated and aspire towards excellence. Our qualified professional staff provides excellent clinical care that comes from the heart. The high ratio of staff-to-clients allows for excellent guidance of clients on their journey, effectively improving the likelihood of sustained recovery.



Located in Costa Rica, a place where Pura Vida living is achievable, our center is nestled in one of the seven “Blue Zone” regions in the world. We know that rehab is an investment in your life, so we keep our rates are kept as affordable as possible while maintaining a high quality of care. Casa Morphos provides a competitive range of prices for residential rehab and is the one and only in Central America. Additionally, we offer excellent financing options.



Casa Morphos is dedicated to helping others find freedom from the grip of addiction. We want to maintain and keep our promise with passion and continue helping people that are seek recovery from addictive behaviors and habits. We have helped thousands before with our staffs combined expertise and experiences.



Recovery is a long-term process, so Casa Morphos offers an intensive one-on-one sober support (on- line) for 3 months following inpatient treatment, as well as a year's worth of follow-up sessions, for any residential program of 30 days or longer. When you come to Casa Morphos, you become part of our family, and we provide many means to ensure that you stay connected to us throughout the rest of your life.



We provide on-site, supervised medical detox, tailored to support you emotionally and physically during the process. We’ll work with your doctor and monitor you around-the-clock to ensure your safety with medical staff overseeing the detox process 24/7. We understand the importance of this process to recovery, so we do our best to keep clients comfortable throughout the process.



Our tropical setting, located in one of the rare “Blue Zone” regions of the world, provides a calm and restorative atmosphere for physical and spiritual healing. Our schedule allows ample time for relaxation, and guests can find peace among the backdrop of mountains, rain forests and beaches. Time truly slows down when you immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you in Costa Rica, this tempo of life can be healing on its own



Our Vision

CASA MORPHOS aims to provide an upright, ethical and efficient care, from admission and beyond. We believe that each client is deserving of a life-long progress and success. Establish a renewed, empowered and well- balanced life free from stigma of addiction and continue to uphold change and advocacy of this institution.
CASA MORPHOS foresees that each client will achieve their life’s journey in which they are accepted by their family and society whole heartedly.

Our Philosophy

CASA MORPHOS promotes transformation through series of experiences and changes by providing the highest quality treatment available to its clientele. This institution is committed to the ideals of integrated approaches through holistic treatments, alternative and complimentary medicines along with its tropical bounty setting and exposure to pristine nature.
We strongly believe that the following are the key components in regaining sobriety:

  • Breaking through cycles through motivation, coping skills, education, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors and lifestyle balance.
  • Achieving and maintaining abstinence in a controlled environment with a structured schedule and proper compliance
  • Recuperating balance in body, mind and spirit through a series program of healthy diet and nutrition, holistic healing, physical exercises and an appropriate amount of rest.
  • Developing through counseling and role modeling, create appropriate living skills necessary to achieve a lasting sobriety. These skills include the critical issues of managing interpersonal relationships, engaging in conflict resolution, and exercising personal discipline.

Our Values

CASA MORPHOS stands firmly behind its commitment through the following core

values in all we do;

  • Provides transparency in service to our stakeholders, employees and clients and their families
  • Being guided by a philosophy that is built on principle
  • Offers quality care, efficient and reliable services 
  • Treating every clients, partners/ vendors, and co-workers with respect and dignity
  • Deliver selfless service with integrity, consistency, confidentiality and loyalty to its clients and advocates. 
  • Striving for excellence in the care of our facility and the operation of our business
  • We strive to provide excellent aftercare and follow-up to our clients to ensure a smooth transition back to their lives and to facilitate long-term success.
  • Operating strategically with purpose to fulfill our mission
  • Conducting business with honesty and integrity at every level
  • Staying current and relevant to the communities we serve