An Alternative Approach to Treating Addictions

Casa Morphos offers an alternative approach to treating addictions, complimented with scientifically backed modern methods. All our therapies have been exclusively adjusted for people with addictions, mood disorders and mental health issues. They have proven to be invaluable in the recovery process and have been commended by addiction professionals throughout the world. By offering holistic and modern therapies, we exponentially increase yours, or a loved one’s, chance of recovery while providing all the necessary tools to live a healthy happy life.

Yoga Therapy

An addiction is a symptom of imbalance within the individual. Yoga therapy is an effective addiction treatment in that it integrates the body, mind and spirit to restore and rebalance the practitioner.

A yoga session will require you to remain still, focus on your breathing and feel all parts of your body. It will instill alertness and relaxation, which further allows you to respond with a clear mind, rather than direct impulsiveness. Practice on the mat will teach you how to see choices clearly, reduce cravings, release negativity and break unhealthy patterns. Yoga therapy for addictions will also cultivate inner strength, confidence and discipline which replaces, often common, feelings of helplessness, inner void and low self-esteem. Through our modified yoga therapy, we will help you to discover who you are, determine where you want to go and how you will get there without the need for harmful substances.

Tai Chi

When a person has an addiction, they often struggle with the ability to manage stress, anxiety and emotions. As the addiction progresses, this struggle becomes more difficult which often coincides with an increase in using.

Tai Chi has been used as a healing method in China for over 800 years. Through utilizing structured poses in a specific manner, Tai Chi helps to calm nerves, release tension and rebalance the body and mind. During our Tai Chi sessions, you will move in a slow, dance-like, rhythm while focusing on your breath and motion of your body. It will help to diminish any physical withdrawal symptoms and aid in the restoration of healthy sleeping patterns. The Tai Chi therapy at Casa Morphos is adjusted to meet any requirements which a client may have. It is suitable for new and experienced practitioners and the benefits can be felt immediately.

Chinese Medicine

If the body and mind is out of balance, the person will not be able live a life of long term recovery. Eventually he or she will return to unhealthy habits as a means of escape.

Chinese Medicine’s goal is to restore balance and create lasting harmony by re-energizing a person’s ‘Chi’. In the west, chi is referred to as ‘energy’; however, it is energy, information and consciousness. Although difficult to understand, these feelings are what addicts often long for and are a reason for using- to feel their own chi.

Through Chinese Medicine, as well as, Tai Chi and Qigong, we help you to maintain this energy, but with healthier practices. Moxibustion and acupuncture therapy will be incorporated to stimulate specific acupuncture points through the burning of herbal cigars and the insertion of thin needles into the skin. Rest assured, there is no pain involved. Both therapies will help to eliminate cravings, withdrawal symptoms and sleeping disorders. They will also relieve any blocked chi, allowing it to flow freely and therefore, restore balance within the mind and body.

Breathing Exercises

Through years of research, scientists have discovered that people display a variety of breathing patterns depending on how he or she feels. If they are stressed, they breathe shallow; if they are happy, they breathe deep.

Vital to the recovery process is the practice of breathing or meditation. At Casa Morphos, we will teach you specific patterns which we have developed specifically for people with addictions, emotional traumas or mental disorders. These breathing techniques can be used as a coping mechanism throughout your entire life, as well as, aid in relapse prevention. By changing your breathing patterns, you will notice an increase in energy, improved concentration and a decrease in stress.


People in the early stages of recovery often experience an uncomfortable gap between their body and mind. Therapeutic massage helps to bridge this gap, and is a powerful compliment to holistic rehabilitation treatment.

A massage aids in withdrawal, detoxification and abstinence. The physical, emotional and mental wellbeing are all directly benefited by the healing power of therapeutic touch. The direct contact will help you, or your loved one, to feel nurtured, secured and loved. Blood circulation, stress, tensions, anger and chronic pain is greatly reduced and the overall sense of happiness will be felt. Our rehab center offers a variety of massages to choose from including, Thai, Swedish, acupressure or reflexology.

Chiropractic Treatment

Muscle tension, as well as, long term neck and back pain are common ailments in addicts, both in recovery and during the time of using. Due to the uncomfortable pain, it can cause a person to feel upset or anxious and even lead to cravings and a relapse.

Chiropractic adjustments will help to reduce chronic stress, pain and tension through spinal manipulation. This holistic treatment will also free neuron pathways, correct poor posture, skeletal misalignment and any poor breathing patterns which are affiliated with the aforementioned. With this therapy, you will notice in an improvement in your mood, behavior and any pain which you have been experiencing.

Cell & Mood Rejuvenation Therapy

A large percentage of people with addictions have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as, weight problems, mood irregularities and sleeping disorders. These can be associated not only with the substance abuse, but also with poor dietary habits.
Casa Morphos seeks to reverse these problems, along with any organ, tissue or cell damage and illness, through our Cell & Mood

Rejuvenation Therapy. This innovative addiction treatment makes use of amino acids, vitamins and natural herbal supplements and will help to regulate your mood, reverse feelings of depression or stress and restore the body’s ability to produce serotonin and dopamine. Our supplements are often used in native Central and South American healing methods; however, we also incorporate spices and herbs used in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Commended by addiction specialists, this therapy has no risk of dependency and will help the health you, or your loved one, to be restored.

Nutrition Awareness

Unhealthy eating, during abuse and in recovery, can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels, severe cravings, irritability and poor digestion; all of which can lead to an eventual relapse.

Unfortunately, nutrition is not an aspect to many traditional recovery programs; however, the physical way you feel is linked to your mental state and vice versa. Therefore, it’s crucial to long term sobriety that you maintain a healthy well balanced diet; thus, promoting balance between the physical and mental wellbeing. All our gourmet meals have been specially prepared to ensure optimal nutritional value which promotes the physical and mental needs of your body while stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Art & Music Therapy

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult for an addict in recovery to open to a therapist, no matter how safe and secure the environment is. This only further represses feelings and emotions which is not conducive to recovery. Art and music therapy is a creative expression which encourages introspection and communication via art and music.

This treatment will provide you with immense opportunities to express yourself in a nonverbal way, while identifying and addressing issues which have been previously difficult to discuss. Art and music therapy has been extremely effective in helping clients who have suffered from traumatic experiences, abuse and PTSD.

Adventure Therapy

For those who spent most of their days acquiring and using drugs, or those who responded to stress, depression and anxiety by isolation or self-harm, discovering new healthy pursuits can be a key element in promoting long term sobriety.

Adventure therapy is a unique form of experiential psychotherapy which involves the real-life exploration of a variety of activities outside of the rehab center. During the week, you will be taken to local hot springs in Panama or the beach in Costa Rica, to do some self-exploration while enjoying the outdoors. Every Sunday, we will take all our clients out for a special day trip to a designated location. Some of these include, snorkeling, jungle trekking, island hopping, whale watching, white water rafting or horseback rising. Adventure therapy will help you to discover new productive ways to fill leisure time, process stressors and relieve any daily life pressures.



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