A quality inpatient treatment in our private drug rehab in a tropical Oasis of Costa Rica

The comprehensive Program at Casa Morphos is our outstanding treatment program. Intended for adult men and women ages 18 and older (50 yrs. old), the 30-60-90-day residential treatment program intended to help people who are struggling with primary substance use disorders as well as co-occurring disorders.
In order to fully address all of these issues, a 90-day long term rehab is indeed recommended.

A 90-day program is more beneficial for those with moderate to severe addictions, and the more time spent in an inpatient treatment center gives clients a stronger stance against chronic relapse and gives them more time to overcome additional problems such as stress without compensating with drugs or alcohol.

The program is manned by a team of caring and compassionate professionals, many of whom have personal experience with recovery. Our personnel are kind-hearted, engaged, and passionate to helping people recover, and they ensure that each client who comes to heal with us truly feels that he or she belongs. Before coming to Casa Morphos, many of our clients have never felt like they belong anywhere, but at Casa Morphos, they are members of the family.

Furthermore, our treatment team works hard to practice what we preach. We work to maintain a high level of honesty and integrity in what we do and would not ask somebody to change a behavior or adopt a philosophy that we are not practicing ourselves.

The In- patient program includes several interventions designed to help individuals overcome substance use disorders.

Supporting you from Start to Finish

Inpatient rehab is the process by which those struggling with addiction can completely detoxify and regain their sobriety with the help of doctors and other medical and counseling professionals. As opposed to outpatient rehabilitation – which chiefly takes place at home with a few checkup appointments to our facility – inpatient rehab provides an individual looking to take control of his or her addiction the medical attention they may need, the emotional support, and the demonstration of a healthy lifestyle that best encourages lasting recovery in the future.

Our Competent Staff

At Casa Morphos, our excellent staff is comprised of industry professionals in every area needed to help you successfully complete detoxification, to treat mental illnesses, and to provide emotional support throughout your rehabilitation process.

Many addictions, such as those to opiates like heroin, will require medical assistance in enduring the withdrawal as painlessly as possible. Our doctors know exactly what’s happening to your body, what medications to provide, and are available around the clock to assess emergency health conditions.

The residential treatment program at Casa Morphos is solution focused and designed with the unique situation of each client in mind. Treatment programs are tailored specifically for each individual, and our professional and compassionate staff carefully consider each client’s history and needs before implementing a treatment plan. Additionally, the innovative and fluid approach is supported by the team reviewing each case weekly and updating the treatment plan as needed throughout the treatment episode.

The Emotional Comfort You Need

Along with detoxification and withdrawal, the transition process from your old life into your new one can be a difficult process emotionally. Our team of psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are there for these precise reasons.

Our team helps Casa Morphos patients get through their difficult transition and teaches them ways to take control of their behavior once they leave our facility. From addressing the root cause of our patients’ addictions to simply being there for a late- night talk, our staff is there to promote maximum comfort and success in beating addiction for good.

Achieving a Routinize Lifestyle

Part of the difficulty of reversing an addiction is getting used to the new lifestyle. At home, it’s easy to fall into the same patterns that enabled drug or alcohol abuse, lowering chances at a successful recovery.

At Casa Morphos’ inpatient rehab, our patients follow a schedule loaded with productive activities such as exercise, healthy meals, and working with counselors and other patients to talk through their everyday struggles. Our hope is that after leaving our facility, our patients continue these healthy habits that combat the desire for drug and alcohol use.

Food for The Soul

Gourmet, Organic, Fresh and Healthy Cooking Meals Exclusive For You

We emphasize and promote healthy eating while in recovery. Our dedicated chef plays a significant role in our program. We believe that getting the right component from a required diet as per recommendation by our nutritionist/ dietician is beneficial and contribute to one’s wellness while in the healing process.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritionally balanced foods provide us with the nutrients and energy we need to carry out our everyday life. At the Casa Morphos, residents can enjoy healthy, home cooked meals prepared by our in-house chef, and learn from our nutritionist how to balance their diet themselves. We help residents see the connection between good nutrition and addiction recovery, so that when they complete our program they can continue to implement the nutrition skills they learned.

Private and Shared Accommodations

We offer both private and shared rooms for our guests.

Recovering from addiction isn’t just a matter of transforming the mind, but also of healing a damaged body and a broken spirit. When it comes to recovery, the atmosphere at an addiction treatment center and the comfort of its accommodations are as important as the psychosocial therapies. Elements like the landscaping, décor, cuisine, and amenities soothe the mind while nourishing the body. Away from the stressors of your everyday environment, you can truly enjoy a fresh start.

Our center creates an atmosphere that’s conducive to health and well-being on every level. When the body is relaxed and the mind is rested, the client can focus completely on the intensive work of therapy. Exercise classes and fitness training help clients work through difficult emotions while developing a sense of strength and confidence.

Fun & Fitness

Exploring Your Inner Child Through Wholesome Activities

Casa Morphos is the home of therapeutic outdoor skill program where we combine a challenging outdoor activity with intensive, therapeutic outdoor immersion and community exposure. This model is a result of many years of experience and a collaborative team approach. Our professional and caring staff are specialists with sensitive populations and use a relational approach with clients to help facilitate noticeable change. We offer a “build them up” philosophy focusing on strengths and encouraging growth in those areas. We utilize both adventure therapy and psychotherapy to create lasting change in our participants. Casa Morphos gives clients an excellent opportunity to learn about themselves, others, and the environment while on their therapeutic journey.



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